Boulder Startup Week and Technical Communication

Posted by John Maddux Published on May 17, 2013

Boulder Startup week taught me that I can’t just code something but that I have to be able to talk about technology and my skills. Talking about specific technology is the easy part. You either know it and just talk about it with technical people or you come up with a metaphor to explain it to non-technical people (or people who haven’t learned it yet). Explaining what I have learned at gSchool or what my talents are takes a bit more. I had to go over what gSchool is several times yesterday and I changed my explanation every time because I didn’t like the previous explanation.

Talking about technology with others is a big part of a web developers job. You need to be able to communicate with your teammates and with clients about what you are doing. Otherwise teammates can’t work with you and clients are wondering what they are paying you for. I think that learning to more effectively communicate what I can do will be one of the best skills I could learn and practice in the remaining weeks for gSchool.