Friday Retrospective 5-03-2013

Posted by John Maddux Published on May 03, 2013

DoSE - Yesterday’s projects seemed much stronger than the last round. What changes did you make to your process or expectations? What would you do if, just hypothetically, you were going to continue working on the project another two weeks.

The biggest change that my team made between daughter of store engine and the previous son of store engine is that we started by fixing what we had before we wrote any new features. We spent the first day listing bugs on Github and then fixing them and we continued to treat fixing bugs and keeping features in good shape as our most important task. Our first priority this time around was fixing the errors that showed up and making sure that every feature which we pushed out was fully working, had a good design and was as tested as we knew how to make it before we merged the feature branch back into master. If we were to continue this project for another two weeks then we would start by continuing to clean up the admin dashboard and to continue to build out some of the technology that that we had started before like the css preview dashboard in the admin page edit section.

APIs - Next week we’ll start both consuming and producing APIs. What sounds interesting, difficult, or exciting about building applications that talk to other applications?

The most difficult thing about the project is going to be what to do with all this data. Say I am consuming data from both Facebook and Twitter, what can I do with that data to actually build something that is better rather than just both of their info stuck together with some duct tape. That seems like the most interesting question that we will face in the next project.

Last week you wrote about your strengths and weaknesses with Rails specifically. Were you able to address any of those weaknesses this week?

Last week I wrote about how my controllers look better now because that is where I was weakest before. This week I would say all the controllers that we wrote out look much better and are name spaced properly instead of the mess we had been working with before. So yes, I think that I am improving and becoming more comfortable with getting my code to meet the conventions.

As we start to shift more attention to what happens after the course, what do you think you want to do?

I still that a company were I get to work on a larger number of projects sounds like the place for me. It could be a a company with several internal projects or a consulting shop that builds out apps for others but they both sound pretty good to me.