Individual Projects

Posted by John Maddux Published on May 31, 2013

The individual projects are this week and they are moving along nicely. Mine is progressing at the speed that it should and it is kind of relaxing to be working on a project by myself. It is a change of pace and it allows me to always know exactly where the project is at any point and it will be done on time. The project also got into a rough form as soon as possible so that it will be at least semi presentable at any point and my focus can be on making sure that every bit of the project works really well. With seven weeks left the projects are becoming very manageable by myself but they still leave the impression that there is more to be learned about Ruby and Rails. The learning is becoming more detailed and in depth because we have reached the point where fitting the whole project together has become the easy part. Coming out of this program we will know how to build web apps from one end to the other and have enough experience with web development that anything we don’t know we can find a resource that lets us teach it to ourselves. Having that plus a job in Atlanta spells success to me. gSchool is at the point where I can build useful things so half of that goal is within reach, I just need the job now so for the next seven weeks I will be focused on that plus practicing my skills.