Three Weeks Left in gSchool

Posted by John Maddux Published on June 24, 2013

Now that you’ve had exposure to more companies, through interviews, shadowing, and guest speakers, how has it refined what you’re looking for? Do you feel that you’ll be able to pick a perfect fit, or will you have to take something that seems “good enough”?

I think I will find a perfect fit within a year of moving back to Atlanta for sure. There are a good number of small, interesting companies there that I will be able to find one once I am back there. I also think that there is a good chance I will find a great job before I move back. I have been talking to some companies that are very interesting and I might get a job with one of those before I even get back. If not I might work on a contract for some number of months while I get to know the Atlanta Ruby community.

What are you looking to learn or master over our remaining weeks? As people (including you) are more and more distracted with the job hunt, will that be possible? What techniques and strategies will you use to manage your time and goals? Are there any ways that the job hunt is pushing you to “learn harder”?

I have heard from one company that “it would be great for them” if I could learn Meteor before I got back, but I don’t think that I will be going to work for that company anyway. In my free time over the next four weeks I mostly want to get my current projects I have up and hosted on a single server and polished so that best represent the level of work I am capable of. It is always nice to talk about a project and then follow it up by saying “and here it is online”. So the job hunt is certainly pushing me to find and mark all of the bugs and available enhancements in my current project portfolio so that I can show off work that is as polished as possible.